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Discover the Secret Weapon Used by Top Schools to 
Reduce Drops, Boost Enrollments, Improve Attendance, and Lower Default Rates
Here’s How You Prove Your School is the Best
…and Justify Your Higher Cost
The Real Question You Should Be Asking Yourself:
Why should students choose your school over the competition?  
My name is Stephen Epstein and I’ve been stopping students from dropping out and boosting enrollment in beauty schools all across the country for the past 6 years, including names you would recognize immediately. 

I can tell you this: one key to better conversion rates on your admissions tours is the PARENTS. If you can win them over and become the obvious choice in their eyes, you will see your classes fill up and your enrollments BOOM. 

Our program, DollarCamp, will give you that “unfair advantage” during admission tours because parent’s eyes will light up when they realize their kids are not just learning how to cut and color hair - but also how to be successful in life and responsible with money. 
Here is the Key - Differentiation
Learn about the DollarCamp Difference:

The Paul Mitchell School in 

Spokane, WA

“My admissions leader recently told me he brought a tour to peek in the class 
while I was teaching DollarCamp…the parents just lit up.  "

Stephen Turner, President of the
Vanguard College of Cosmetology

“DollarCamp is a huge plus—and is many times the tipping point for the parents when they’re thinking about spending $18,000 or $19,000.”
"They said they were so excited for us to teach their daughter how to be responsible with her money and became very positive about enrolling in our school.”
DollarCamp is, first and foremost, an admissions tool to get more enrollments. 
When we surveyed parents and students on the value of DollarCamp to them, the majority say it is worth at least $2,500 to them, but - believe it or not - DollarCamp only costs schools less than 10% of that for each student who goes through your doors!

So think about it: thanks to DollarCamp you can finally have a way to differentiate yourself from other schools in your area. And you’ll finally be able to justify a higher price and STOP students from “price shopping” your school. 
Not knowing where your students are coming from
Not knowing your cost to acquire a new student through each marketing channel
Not having a source of leads that you can scale UP to get more students when you want and need them
Stopping “Drops” Will Cause 
Profits to Soar
I know how tough it is to run a beauty school. You work endless days, nights, and weekends. There are endless challenges with staff, students, facilities, and on and on.  

Then there is the disappointment and aggravation caused by too many “drops”. 

Each drop is thousands of dollars you could have used to pay bills and give yourself a much-deserved pay raise.

The fact is, the biggest source of “lost profits” in your school business are “drops”. Improving this one area can dramatically increase your revenues and profits. 

Career colleges call me when they have issues with drops and enrollments because I am a Certified Educator in Personal Finance. 

I have worked closely with the Charles Schwab Foundation and hosted a nationally syndicated radio show teaching people how to manage their money, stay in school, and get out of debt.  

The #1 reason students drop out is because they mismanage their money during school. I so often hear about students who spend money on tattoos, shoes, and partying, and then can’t afford their gas to come to school. 

This CAN be changed – DollarCamp does it. 

Also, students who “drop” are FOUR TIMES more likely to default on their student loans. So ensuring students stay in school is also good for your default rate. 
Student Loan Default Rates are YOUR Problem
I'm sure you know this already, but whether you think it’s fair or NOT, schools themselves are being held responsible for the behavior of their students AFTER they graduate (which is NOT fair). 

If too many of your graduates default you can get sentenced to probation and you can potentially lose your TITLE IV funding. That means no more student loans and, as a result, no more school. 

Fortunately, DollarCamp can lower your 3-year default rates and protect your Title IV by teaching students the consequences of defaulting and showing them why paying off their student loans is actually in their best interest.
The Free Government Training is WORSE Than Nothing
Many schools currently use the free Department of Education Exit Counseling - because they’re legally required to do something. 

But here’s the problem: students who use this training end up more confused then when they started. 

They actually know LESS than they did before because it’s so complicated and confusing. 
I want to help you implement a time-tested and proven program that is the “tipping point” for parents when trying to decide where to send their son or daughter, and...
You Don't Have to Lift a Finger...
I'll Do All The Work For You!
This program will allow you to finally differentiate yourself from other schools and - at the same time - lower the number of drops in your school.

Now, in case you’re wondering, this has nothing to do with changing your curriculum, hiring new staff, or lowering tuition. In fact, you’ll be able to RAISE tuition after you implement this simple program.


DollarCamp was created specifically for the beauty and cosmetology industry and uses an illustrated course book, animated videos, and turn-key lesson plans to teach:
How to build and implement a budget
Understanding credit and debit
Building credit through loan repayment
Understanding student loan basics
Understanding the consequences of default and late payment
Setting goals and planning your future
How to get your first job (handles gainful employment issues also)
How to build and implement a budget
Understanding credit and debit
Building credit through loan repayment
Understanding student loan basics
Understanding the consequences of default and late payment
Setting goals and planning your future
How to get your first job (handles gainful employment issues also)
Here's The Good News
You won’t have to spend 10,000 hours learning how to become a ninja marketer
You won’t have to have your team spend 10,000 hours learning how to become ninja marketers
You won’t have to spend countless thousands of dollars testing different offers or marketing pieces
You won’t have to figure it all out on your own
Here's The Bad News
You will have to change the way that you’re doing things
You will have to spend money to grow your school
You will have to follow instructions and the road map that we give you
You will have to try something new and different
I’m not a consultant who is going to come into your school, recommend a bunch of initiatives, and expect you to implement.

I’m not going to come in and throw a grenade on what’s already working for you - because I know how much of a pain that is. 

This is a simple “add-on” to your existing curriculum that will easily pay for itself once implemented.   
But There's A Catch
I am only working with only one school in your area—so if you think about it or procrastinate, another school could beat you to it—and you’ll be forever locked out.
Imagine Having Increased Enrollment And Less Drops Within As Little As 60 Days…
DollarCamp removes the pain of having students dropping out of your school and it boosts enrollments so you can do all the things you want to do in your life—but can’t because you cannot raise tuition due to pricing pressure from other schools in your area… …or, you’re losing students to other schools because you don’t have some sort of a competitive advantage.

Imagine getting the following:
Less student drop-outs because of financial problems
Higher close rates on admissions leads and boosts enrollment conversion
Protection of Title IV funding by lowering default rates
No more coming up short on enrollment and growth goals
No more losing students to cheaper schools
…without overhauling your curriculum!
So Here's What You Should Do
Step #1: Download our 15-Point Admissions Checklist (FREE)
This checklist will help you determine what EASY things you can do to improve enrollments and reduce drops at your school. Simply go here to download the checklist. 

Step #2: Set Up Your LIVE 15-Point Admissions Evaluation (FREE)
Once you have downloaded the checklist, you should find a time when you can schedule a call with me. On this call, we will take 25 minutes to assess your school based on the admissions checklist. The results from this evaluation will be emailed to you, again at no cost.

Simply go here to download the checklist and go here to schedule your FREE 15-Point Admissions Evaluation. That’s It! 

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about DollarCamp, we can discuss that at the END of our call, once we’ve had a chance to complete your admissions checklist.   
We normally charge $799 for the checklist and the call. This is a very valuable SERVICE, but you can have it for FREE, if you download your copy today and register for a call before all of the time slots are taken up (shown on the registration page). 

We are only giving this away to the first 20 schools who take advantage of this offer, so don’t wait to register.

Click Here to download the checklist and click here to schedule your FREE 15-Point Admissions Evaluation.  

The choice is yours. You can either “live with” too many dropout drops and too few enrollments or you can do something about it.  

We look forward to helping you GET MORE STUDENTS and KEEP MORE STUDENTS.

Simply click here to download the checklist and click here to schedule your FREE 15-Point Admissions Evaluation. 

Stephen Epstein

P.S. We are only giving away 20 FREE 15-Point Admissions Evaluations, so claim your free checklist and free evaluation BEFORE we remove this free offer and resume charging $799 for this valuable tool and valuable service. 

P.P.S. We maintain a 30-mile exclusive zone for each client that we work with, and these “territories” are going fast, so don’t spend too much time thinking about it before meeting with us. 

This is a time-tested and proven SYSTEM that has already worked for the 72 beauty schools I’ve worked with, and now it’s available to you!