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Boost Admissions & Reduce Defaults 
DollarCamp is a powerful admissions tool for career colleges which improves conversions on admissions tours, while assisting financial aid departments to improve attendance, 
reduce drops, and prevent defaults.
Source: New York Fed Consumer Credit Panel/Equifax
According to the Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2015, 21.4% of students from private for-profit colleges are in default on their loans. 

This frighteningly high percentage of students who obviously lack crucial money management skills which can put you at risk of losing Title IV funding, but more importantly it pushes your marketing costs through the roof as you have to continually advertise for new enrollments, and therefore it decimates your bottom line. 

On top of that…
Student Loan Defaults Hit 21.4% As Student Debt Tops 
1 Trillion Dollars. 
Students don’t know how to manage their money and so they default on their loans
This causes them to drop out and not complete their course
This costs the college lost revenue
It puts the reputation of your college at risk as negative word can get around (with potential students, staff and prospective employers)
And ultimately, it affects the profitability and overall success of the college
Introducing DollarCamp...

An Easy & Affordable Way to Lower Loan Default Rates, Boost Enrollments and Grow Overall Profits at Your School
In a fun and meaningful way, Dollar Camp teaches students financial skills that help them manage their money, pay their loans, complete their studies and succeed in life

Has a fully illustrated course book with animated discovery videos. 

Easy-to-follow Facilitators guide 

Attract Better Students That WANT to Take Control of Their Financial Responsibilities  
Students who manage their money (learn not to spend their tips on coffee, cigarettes and tattoos), and meet their loan repayments boost college revenues as drop rates decrease and more students complete their courses
It helps to build up the reputation of the college as positive words gets around (with potential students, staff and prospective employers)
Plus, it secures future funding as loan default rates remain low
Gives the college a powerful point of differentiation in a competitive market 
Particularly attractive to the parents of prospective students encouraging them to favour one college over another
The College You've Always Wanted
Imagine that your college has a market-dominating reputation, that your staff are more motivated and fulfilled in their work and your students are happier and more successful!

This isn’t something that has to be in your imagination. Every day this is what your college is striving to attain and it can be done.

DollarCamp does all this and more!
See What Career Colleges Are Saying About DollarCamp:
"Dollarcamp gives us that edge in our admissions and enrollment packages."
- Hector Gonzalez
Admissions Leader
"DollarCamp is many times the tipping point for the parents when they're thinking about spending $18,000 or $19,000."
- Stephen Turner
Regional Brand Leader
"I expect DollarCamp to continue to decrease the default rate... it's essential to have a program like DollarCamp teach people how to be financially responsible."
- Heather Smith
"How a Future Professional was able to know the difference between the different 
levels of loans... DollarCamp changed her outlook on credit."
- Teshonda Wilson
Sales Leader
"They aren't stressed about... what I am going to do with my student loans afterwards.  DollarCamp really sets them up so there isn't that stress."
- Leila Ghonein
Education Leader
"We've really enjoyed teaching DollarCamp.  The Future Professionals love being able to tangibly see how they can make their dreams a reality."
- Kristen Kent
Program Key Features
Fun, interactive workshops 
with illustrated course book and animated discovery videos
Workshop activities including drawing posters, student presentations, and group and individual exercises to maximise learning and develop critical money skills and habits
Practical application including the preparation of spending plans, balance sheets and even checking their own personal credit scores
Fun games with $100-bill lollipops, gold pirate coins and ‘play’ money to reinforce lessons
Easy-to-follow Facilitators Guide so any staff member can oversee the sessions and walk students through the course book, animated videos and fun workshop activities
Certificate in recognition of the completion of their Dollar Camp training
Special lessons for Financial Aid Leaders to assist them in leading students through Entrance and Exit interviews so they understand student loans including the consequences of defaulting

Frequently Asked Questions
When was DollarCamp created?
Dollar Camp was created in 2009 and is refreshed with up-to-date statistics and illustrations to keep it current.
Who else has used Dollar Camp?
Dollar Camp has been utilized by over 70 schools throughout the U.S. 
What does the training cover?
- How to build and implement a budget
- Understanding credit and debit
- Building credit through loan repayment
- Understanding student loan basics
- Understanding the consequences of default and late payment
- Setting goals and planning your future
- How to get your first job (handles gainful employment issues also)
- And much more
Who facilitates the course?
The course comes with an easy-to-follow Facilitators Guide so any staff member can oversee the sessions and walk students through the course book, animated videos and fun workshop activities.
How long does it take to complete the Dollar Camp course?
The course is built to take 6 hours of classroom time.
How much does Dollar Camp cost?
Dollar Camp is a customizable course designed for the specific needs of your school and students. Course fees start from just $X per student and not only provide students with the skills to easily repay their loans and complete their course, they will develop crucial money habits that will help them succeed in their career and their life. That’s why schools who utilize Dollar Camp typically enjoy premiere positioning in their market with increased interest from prospective students (and their parents), potential teachers, and employers seeking out their students.
To find out more about how DollarCamp can reduce your student drop rates, with flow-on benefits of higher admissions, increased funding, and better overall profitability 
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